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The mighty ones
TM 9-879 (Harley)
TM 10-1482 (Parts list Harley)
TM 9-803 (jeep)
ORD 9 SNL G-503 (jeep)
TM 9-1803A (Engine and Engine Accessories Jeep)
TM 9-1803B (Power Train Body and Frame Jeep)
TM 10-1384 (Parts list Ford GPW)
Form 3679-1 (Unpacking a ford GPW)
TM 9-808 (Dodge)
TM 9-801 (GMC CCKW)
TM 9-1827B (Hydrovac-Bendix)
TM 9-1827C (Wagner Lockhead)
TM 9-1828A (Fuel pumps)
TM 9-1829A (Speedometers repair)
TM 9-834 (Vehicular GP unit equipment)
TM 9-867 (Maintenance and Care of Hand Tools)
FM 5-20B (Camouflage of vehicles)
TM 5-9084 (Trailer Dump 1/2 ton
TM 10-1281 (Jeep Trailer 1/4 ton)
Ord 8 SNL G-529 (Jeep Trailer 1/4 ton)
MWO ORD-G503-W7 (Convert 6V-to-12V)
M-1937 Field Range
AR 850-5 (Vehicle and equipment markings)
War department Form 48
WW2 aaf manual collection
De G-lijst
Foto's voertuigen en TM's